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When we started Shopalize two years ago, we observed a very simple problem - there was not an easy way to share purchases or deals with friends after buying something online. We were surprised to see that none of the leading e-commerce companies were offering this simple functionality to today’s social consumers. The most common feedback we heard was that e-commerce companies were struggling to cope up with the fast moving social world. We were convinced that it was a problem worth solving with unique and seamless approach.

Over the period, this simple idea of sharing online purchases kept evolving and became the vision for offering seamless social experiences to consumers and helping e-commerce companies offer new social services. But we never imagined what the future would hold for us.

This journey has been exhilarating and inspiring for Shopalize. We launched engaging social plugins, a comprehensive platform, learned about our industry, and developed a community that we cherish. We currently have more than 600 e-commerce companies actively using our solutions. These solutions enable our customers to promote their brand, increase sales through social sharing, and measure the ROI of their social marketing initiatives through our comprehensive platform. 

It is with this past in mind that we’re proud to announce our next step: Shopalize has been acquired by [24]7, (, the intuitive customer experience company.

[24]7 offers solutions that leverage big data and predictive analytics to understand customers and drive better customer service and sales results. With the acquisition of Shopalize technology, [24]7 plans to offer rich, social experiences to online consumers while they interact with businesses.

[24]7 is the perfect partner as we continue our journey. The company shares our passions and values, our belief in the power of social experiences, particularly for the new generation of consumers who are continuously online, and expect the best experience when they interact with businesses.

With [24]7 by our side, our team will continue to make Shopalize’s offering the best it can be.

We are excited for this new turn in our journey, and cannot wait to share with you what’s next. Join us on this journey and help us shape the future of the intuitive customer experience.

Aditya Kothadiya,

CEO, Shopalize Inc.

Retailers should concentrate on building social features into their own websites rather than trying to encourage consumers to make transactions on Facebook, research suggests.

This is very interesting post about what we believe and are doing at -

Consumers Trust E-Commerce Websites More Than Social Networks.

When people talk about Social Commerce, there are 2 approaches you can think of -

  1. Bring commerce to existing Social networking platforms
  2. Bring Social experiences to existing eCommerce platforms

At Shopalize, we strongly believe in the 2nd approach - bringing seamless social experiences to existing eCommerce stores.

When consumers browse on social networking platforms, their intent is to discover fun stuff to watch/read and learn updates from their friends so that they can pass their time. Most of the times, it is purely entertainment oriented browsing.

But when shoppers browse on eCommerce stores, their only intent is to research and find products that they want to buy. They are not there to pass their time. 

So it makes so much sense to provide shoppers the needed social experiences right on to the eCommerce stores so that they end up buying stuff from that eCommerce store.

Above post and the studies mentioned in that post also suggest the same thing. Here is some brief from that post -

This seems to spell good news for e-commerce merchants, but it doesn’t completely relieve them (you) from the responsibility of creating a social media presence. What it does do is shift the priority for creating such a presence away from social networks to their own e-commerce sites - something that can be achieved by incorporating more social features such as ratings and reviews, online communities, and social sharing capabilities.

It’s also why merchants need to tune their websites to appeal to social consumers. Provide the tools needed to allow customers to share content with their friends and some will.

Even though social media has not prevailed as the “be-all, end-all” of 21st century marketing, one cannot deny its potential to drive conversations about brands and products that may lead to more traffic and additional sales. Put in the right perspective, it deserves a place in a merchant’s online marketing toolkit right alongside SEO, PPC, and email.

We are excited to see that more and more industry experts and veterans are seeing this need, which is strengthening our initial vision and belief at Shopalize. We believe that in next few years, every single eCommerce store will need to provide seamless social experience to their shoppers at every step of purchase funnel, which will help them to generate more revenue in direct and indirect ways.

We’re really happy to release few great enhancements to Shopalize’s social commerce platform for online retailers. We’ve quite a few customers who run multiple eCommerce stores - sometimes selling similar kind of products under a different brand name to target different customer segment, or sometimes selling completely different products.

When these customers started using our “Purchase Sharing” functionality, they wanted to first try it with only one store. Now after seeing the performance results for social sharing and sale referrals, most of them want to expand this functionality to their remaining eCommerce stores as well.

But till now we were supporting only one eCommerce store per retailer account. All stats, activities, reporting used to be associated with only one store. So for retailers who had multiple stores, they had to use our functionality in a cumbersome way - create a new account for every single store. We know, it sucked big time, but not any more.

Today we’re very excited to support adding and managing multiple stores from one single retailer account. Adding new store details is very easy from your “Settings” page as shown below -

The good news is, these stores can be of any size and can be based on any platform. Once you add a new store, you’ll get the Store ID for that store as shown below which will be used when you integrate our apps on your store -

To view stats and reporting, you need to select appropriate Store from your Dashboard and other reporting pages as shown below -

That’s it. These are small enhancements, but we hope it will make your life seamless, efficient and enjoyable. Please keep suggesting us other ideas or concerns you may have at

It’s not a news that Pinterest has been on a hot streak this year. According to Compete, the site has reached close to 20M unique visitors this month. It is definitely one of the go-to destinations for consumers to discover new things to shop. Online retailers are also seeing significant traffic and sales from Pinterest. According to new data from Compete, 8% of pins on Pinterest led to purchase.

In general, for any retailer, having a social media presence on all of the major social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, is critical. So no doubt most of our customers were asking if our Purchase Sharing plugin allows shoppers to share their purchases on Pinterest as well. Until now, our answer used to be apologetic no - but not any more. We’re super excited to announce that now shoppers can pin their purchases right from the eCommerce store after the checkout is complete. Here is how the “Pin It” button looks on our Purchase Sharing plugin - 

Since Pinterest has not released any access to their API yet, we had to find a workaround to provide the best possible experience with given technical limitations. One of the limitations is, if you want to pin more than one products from recently purchased order, then you have to pin each product separately. Another thing is, since we don’t understand if you really pinned a product or not immediately, we can’t distribute the rewards instantly. We verify if you’ve pinned your purchase, and after verification, we send you the rewards details. In general, here is how you’ll pin your purchases - 

And here is how it will show you a confirmation message -

And this is how your pin is displayed on Pinterest -

In all, we hope this integration will help shoppers to show off what they bought and share their expressions easily on Pinterest, and it will also help online retailers to acquire new traffic and sales. Look forward to more Pinning and more Shopalizing!

As usual, if you have any suggestions or concerns, please email us at

We’re really happy to announce that we’ve released the most requested feature for Shopalize’s Purchase Sharing campaigns - configuring “Unique Coupon Codes”!

As you might already know that Shopalize’s Purchase Sharing plugin enables shoppers to share their purchases easily on social media without leaving online store. To increase this social sharing engagement, store owners want to give some incentives to their shoppers for their loyalty and referrals. Shopalize provides very easy experience to retailers to offer such incentives and also to distribute appropriate rewards to their shoppers upon successful actions.

So far we were allowing to give only one common coupon code to all shoppers. Also, there was no limit on how many times that coupon code can be redeemed. We received many requests from our customers that they wanted more advanced coupon distribution system. They wanted to give Unique codes to their customers such that only valid customers can redeem that coupon code, and not the entire web. Also, they wanted to restrict the number of times that coupon code can be redeemed.

So finally we redesigned our entire coupon generation and distribution system. Now when you create a new campaign, you’ll see advanced interface to configure the coupon rewards. Here is a quick preview of that -

You can decide to give one common Coupon Code to all as discussed earlier or give multiple Unique Codes to each customer. When you select Unique Codes option, you can also configure prefix text of these codes, length of the code, and how many of such coupons you want to generate. Here is how it looks when selected One Common code option -

We’ll generate these random Unique Codes for you and will send you a .CSV file with list of all coupon codes and their properties. You can add these code with appropriate rules into your store’s coupon system. For these coupons, you can also configure if you want that code to be used only once, or can be used multiple times.

You will also observe that now you can reward customers for one of the 4 different reasons -

Also, while giving coupon reward, you can also decide if you want to give % off on Order total, or fixed $ off or Free Shipping coupons -

We’re excited about this new flow. This gives you lot more control and flexibility in how you want to reward your customers. This way you’re sure that your coupon codes are not getting abused over the web. Hope you like this enhancement and find it valuable. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by emailing us at

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve released seamless integration of Shopalize’s Purchase Sharing plugin with 3dcart platform. Now all 3dcart merchants can have Purchase Sharing functionality after their customers complete checkout in just under 10 minutes.

All they need to do is simply Copy & Paste few lines of Javascript code on the last page of their checkout flow as shown below.

Shopalize integrations steps for 3dcart

That’s it - no code change or programming knowledge required whatsoever. Read the step by step guidelines for 3dcart integration here:

Once integrated into a 3dcart storefront, our beautiful plugin enables and simplifies the sharing of purchases in social media. We generate unique tracking information for each customer and each product that is shared, which helps online retailers to understand who their best customers are and how to encourage frequent return sales.

As you might already know, with our Rewards platform, you can also incentivize social sharing or sale referrals to drive more engagement. You get complete control over what kinds of rewards you want to give - like coupons for repeat sale, cash back, or donation to charity.

We’re excited that with this end-to-end experience to both retailers and their customers, we’re making 3dcart storefronts truly more social. 3dcart’s CEO Gonzalo Gil also shared the same feeling about this integration -

“It’s no secret that online retailers must capitalize on social marketing to keep the pace with an increasingly interactive web. Effective social marketing requires complete visibility, and Shopalize delivers it to 3dcart stores in a unique package.”

If you’re a 3dcart storefront owner, then you should definitely try our hassle-free social commerce solution. Just create an account with Shopalize and get started in running these social campaigns in less than 10 minutes. You don’t even need a credit cart to start a 30-day free trial. Then why wait? Get more social right now!

Social plugins are incremental rather than disruptive innovation – and thus don’t come up against the wall of vested interests.  More radical revolutionary e-commerce solutions might possibly be better on paper, and even in practice, but we’ve a lot invested in the past. You’ve spent time money and effort on your existing e-commerce solution – so you need a new one like you need a bullet in your head.

Sure, social plugins for e-commerce are perhaps not as sexy as the revolutionary hutzpah of startups on a mission to radically reinvent e-commerce.  But they work, they deliver increased traffic, conversion and additional order value.  And they are psychologically smart too – they allow shoppers to shop smarter with their social intelligence.  Simple but smart – the future of social commerce may be the social plugin.

Finally, we’ve launched an official blog for - a comprehensive social commerce platform. It took us really long to start writing about our company, but we promise you that it’ll be a very active blog going forward with full of interesting content like our product updates, industry insights and trends, and lot more relevant articles.

As you probably know, Shopalize provides a comprehensive Social Commerce platform for online retailers to help bring seamless social experience to their eCommerce stores. We specifically build best class social plugins for eCommerce retailers that increase social sharing and social discovery from an eCommerce store, which essentially drives more traffic and sales to respective stores.

We released our first social plugin - “Post Purchase Sharing” in beginning of March 2012, which appears on the Order Confirmation page of an eCommerce store. After every purchase is complete, this plugin enables shoppers easy and seamless way to share their purchases with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email.

After the successful roll out of our first plugin, we released our comprehensive platform functionalities - 

  1. A/B testing platform: to experiment with various incentives to increase conversions
  2. Advanced social analytics: to measure key metrics such as click and sale referrals
  3. Comprehensive leaderboard: to track and identify the most influential shoppers

Since then we’ve been constantly busy in improving our solution and getting new customers on board. A lot has happened since we launched. We’ve made amazing progress on all fronts. Somehow we didn’t get to share our progress, experiences and learning with you all during this period. But now going forward we’ll share all of this with you. First we’ll share some recent developments and then will keep you updated on next progress.

We’re excited about this journey and are very happy about how it is progressing since we started. We’re committed to provide the best possible social commerce experience to both shoppers and retailers. Stay tuned to learn more about how we achieve our mission.